Storytelling & Internal Training

We have a long history of teaching and training for professional storytelling and linked to specific campaigns. Our aim is to inspire people across your organisation to deliver a campaign and empower them to continue to expand upon it.

Guided development

A hybrid between creative development work (i.e. providing finished assets) and our training activity (i.e. lectures and/or workshops). The process allows for you to develop creative ideas in-house, with our guidance.

Storytelling perspective

We can be on-hand to advise on plans, work and strategies from a storytelling perspective. This works especially well when we join an internal team or committee, because the debate is as valuable as the final outcome.

Identifying stories

Some organisations have the talent, resources and desire to tell better stories, but need support in identifying which stories to focus on. Our expertise brings clarity by auditing the possibilities and providing advice on the most effective and powerful ways to use them.

Structured brainstorming

We coach teams in the brainstorming techniques and systems we have developed to generate our award-winning creative work.

Growth & capacity building

Our custom internal training programmes focus on expanding your capacity to come up with creative ideas, drive action, and generally communicate with a range of audiences (whether they be friendly, indifferent or hostile).

What our clients say


Role and company

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Lisa Rose

Senior Manager Entrepreneurship For Development
Royal Academy of Engineering

"The sessions were tailored to the needs of the participants and allowed them to improve their ability to tell their story in a variety of situations, and in a more engaging and dynamic manner. The programme Catsnake designed was impressive in its adaptability, understanding the needs of the audience and giving them practical tools that they can take away and apply."

Daniel Dodd

Director of Communications & Content
National Trust

"Catsnake’s storytelling training has been part of a content training programme at the National Trust for five years. Delegates love the expert theory and practical guidance, backed up by superb videos that make you laugh and cry.

Our ability to tell our wonderful stories is central to the success of our communications strategy, Catsnake has been helping us achieve that."

Stine Wilhelmsen

Creative Partner

"Working with Catsnake was an inspiring, fun and thought-provoking experience. The expertise and enthusiasm that they brought to our session has been highly valuable for us as an organisation and we look forward to building on this in the future. We would highly recommend Catsnake's services and hope to work with them again in the near future."