Strategy & Stewardship

Our structured creative systems and strategies create powerful stories which deliver results. We aim to become an extension of your team and to foster a sense of safety and trust through collaboration and respect.


We create innovative, boundary-pushing and exciting long-term growth strategies by learning your culture, understanding your aspirations, and what drives you.


Using a combination of storytelling, in-depth research and behavioural psychology, we craft rigorous creative systems which cultivate interest in your cause and keep prospects warm by knowing exactly when in the journey to message.


We engage with your people, not just the job itself, in order to bring clarity, meaning and purpose to your internal narrative, built around your messaging, mission, vision, and core values.

Fundraising capability

Build lasting ability to strengthen your internal storytelling skills and increase both short and long-term funds through individual and legacy giving.

What our clients say


Role and company

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Karen Denton

Direct Marketing Manager
Legacies, RSPB

"We’ve been working with Catsnake since November 2019 and from pitch to execution, they have impressed with their organisation and professionalism.  

From careful planning and meticulous analysis of our organisation, Catsnake have exceeded our expectations with their creative problem solving.  The team have been a joy to work with and we look forward to working with them on future projects."

Katie Dogra

Head of Supporter Engagement

"Working with Catsnake on an ambitious yet realistic approach to our new legacy strategy was a breath of fresh air. The whole process was collaborative resulting in a more diverse and ambitious plan than we would have done on our own.

The project has set WWF on a path that will grow and diversify our legacy fundraising and pledger stewardship."

Anna Kapitanec

Senior Legacy Engagement Manager

"We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Catsnake on our new Gifts in Wills proposition. We worked collaboratively and were really impressed by their creative and strategic thinking.  Their process is excellent and one that really got us thinking, bringing new ideas and innovations to our team.

We would highly recommend them and will be working with them in the near future!"

John Hutchin

Head of Legacies
Greenpeace UK

"With increased investment in legacy marketing, and a priority to innovate in a digital space, Catsnake proposed a highly ambitious plan - and exceeded expectations!

Results speak for themselves, almost doubling our leads target and the lowest average cost per lead of any legacy campaign to date.  Greenpeace are now rolling out this ‘blueprint for success’ on a global scale."

Ben Eden-Davies

Assistant Head of Individual Giving
St Mungo’s

"Catsnake have done an amazing job developing our new Legacy Creative proposition.

They were methodical, systematic and strategic but also highly creative and collaborative. We trusted their approach and expertise and allowed them to do what they do best. They understood the brief, the audience and ultimately created a proposition that is on brand but also stretches us."

Jenny Kronbergs

Head of Gifts in Wills

"It was great working with Catsnake to develop a new proposition for our legacy marketing programme. Catsnake are skilled at using evidence from audience research to consider the needs of our supporters, and translating this into well thought-through creative messaging.

They were great to work with and we’re confident that we’re moving forward with a proposition rooted in audience insight."

Vicki O’Hare

Head of Legacy Marketing

"The TV advert was a completely new venture for the RSPB’s Legacy Team.  Thanks to Catsnake’s faultless professionalism, passion and creativity it felt like they were an extension of our own team. Meticulous attention to detail and evaluation throughout the campaign lifecycle, resulted in ever increasing success.

Other departments were impressed and are now working with Catsnake on future projects!"

Katy Nicholson-Lord

Philanthropy Manager

"We partnered with Catsnake on a multi-faceted project to further develop our Philanthropy-led donor club. Catsnake’s skilled project management, collaborative approach and attention to detail, particularly in the philanthropy space, was hugely valuable.

We were delighted with the results and we know that Catsnake’s expertise has further secured the ambitious growth that our giving club is aspiring to."

Dan Carter

Global Legacy Director

"It's been great working with Catsnake to develop our new legacy proposition.  

They have a wealth of experience in developing legacy strategy and propositions, and an excellent team who took the time to truly understand our requirements and our organisation to ensure we have an exciting new proposition which will drive forward our legacy work long into the future."