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We harness the power of storytelling,
for good.

Using the art and science of strategic storytelling to make positive change in the world.

OUR Clients


We craft creatively intelligent stories and strategies exclusively for the third sector. From TV adverts to internal messaging blueprints, digital campaigns and physical assets, it’s our privilege to empower charities around the world to harness the power of storytelling.

Our Work


As a story agency, we work with all forms of narrative. We create digital and physical assets in house for campaigns and programmes, and also provide the internal messaging blueprints, strategies and training that equip internal teams to tell their own charity’s story.

Our Team


We come from many corners of the world of storytelling, and at Catsnake are united as storytellers with a cause! We believe in the power of narrative across all forms, and share a commitment to use it for good.

Our Approach


We believe that narratives have the power to create lasting change for our communities, our environment and our collective future.



We’re leading innovators in legacy giving, using data, analysis, insight and exhaustive research to inform highly-effective creative and long-term strategy.



Our secret weapon uses non-linear digital targeting and bespoke content to minimise cost per acquisition, maximise conversions and give charities an unparalleled understanding of what drives their audience.

Strategy & Stewardship


We develop systems which will deliver a charity’s growth strategy within their particular internal culture. We provide the clear analysis, actionable insights and creative inspiration which can guide a department, programme or charity to supporter success.



Our bespoke sessions galvanise, inspire and empower both internal teams and individuals to harness the power of storytelling. We ensure our expert advice and genuine passion is shared through actionable tips, tools and exercises.

Articles & Insights


Our blog, events and newsletters help us share our observations and analysis of creative processes, industry trends and charity conversations.

What our clients say


Role and company

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Nathalie Ormrod

Digital Campaign Manager
Gifts in Wills at UNICEF UK

"We loved working with Catsnake on our new Gifts in Wills TV advert. Their attention to detail and level of research in response to the brief was impressive.

Creatively, they brought something new to the table! The team were enthusiastic and innovative, whilst remaining true to the brand, and the whole process was a seamless collaboration."

Dan Carter

Global Legacy Director

"Developing our new Legacy Enquiry Direct Mail pack with Catsnake was a real pleasure.

Their planning, attention to detail and support throughout was excellent, as was the creativity in the three concepts provided. They interpreted the brief so well we could have used all three concepts for this appeal."

Emma Simpson

Legacy Marketing Specialist
Amnesty International UK

"Working with Catsnake on our Adaptive Acquisition campaign was an impressive experience, as was their ability to understand our organisation, cause and brand specific challenges. Catsnake produced a very successful campaign, kicking off a totally new method of legacy acquisition through Facebook advertising.

We’re excited to see how we might work with Catsnake on similar campaigns in the future."

Dan Carter

Global Legacy Director

"It's been great working with Catsnake to develop our new legacy proposition.  

They have a wealth of experience in developing legacy strategy and propositions, and an excellent team who took the time to truly understand our requirements and our organisation to ensure we have an exciting new proposition which will drive forward our legacy work long into the future."

Sophie Fenwick

Legacy Engagement Specialist

"When we started this Adaptive Acquisition project, we were a new team and new to digital legacy acquisition. Catsnake supported us every step of the way and developed really emotive and compelling content that clearly resonated with our audience.

We were all surprised – and delighted – by the number of leads we got! I would happily work with Catsnake again."

Katie Dogra

Head of Supporter Engagement

"Working with Catsnake on an ambitious yet realistic approach to our new legacy strategy was a breath of fresh air. The whole process was collaborative resulting in a more diverse and ambitious plan than we would have done on our own.

The project has set WWF on a path that will grow and diversify our legacy fundraising and pledger stewardship."

Hannah Baker

Head of Communications
Four Paws UK

"Working with Catsnake was like we had extended our team. They fitted seamlessly into our way of working and made the process of creating four animations for our ‘Live Kinder’ campaign incredibly smooth.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcomes and hope that this is the first of many projects we work together on."

Anna Kapitanec

Senior Legacy Engagement Manager

"We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Catsnake on our new Gifts in Wills proposition. We worked collaboratively and were really impressed by their creative and strategic thinking.  Their process is excellent and one that really got us thinking, bringing new ideas and innovations to our team.

We would highly recommend them and will be working with them in the near future!"

Katy Nicholson-Lord

Philanthropy Manager

"We partnered with Catsnake on a multi-faceted project to further develop our Philanthropy-led donor club. Catsnake’s skilled project management, collaborative approach and attention to detail, particularly in the philanthropy space, was hugely valuable.

We were delighted with the results and we know that Catsnake’s expertise has further secured the ambitious growth that our giving club is aspiring to."

Sophie Baden

Direct Marketing Co-ordinator
Compassion in World Farming

"With much enthusiasm, creativity and relentless hard work, Catsnake gave us ‘The Secrets of Food Marketing’, a film that has attracted an amazing 7.1 million views – and counting!

Catsnake are an agency who definitely promise a lot and still blow your expectations to smithereens (in a good way)."

Glen Colegate

Creative Director
Friends of the Earth

"Having worked with Catsnake on a couple of Friends of the Earth films, I can honestly say that this is an agency who deliver every time and in every way!  

Catsnake really ‘get’ what we’re about and have been able to produce exciting and intrusive films that viewers and supporters really love – I couldn’t ask for more."

Barry Hunt

Legacy & In Memory Lead

"The Adaptive Acquisition Campaign was the most innovative and strategic piece of legacy marketing Scope has carried out.  We were delighted with the outcomes, almost doubling our leads target at a cost per lead far lower than expected.  

Beyond the stats, the audience insights generated have really helped us understand our digital legacy audiences and what messaging works best."

Caroline Abrahams

Charity Director
Age UK

"Charles, the film made for us by Catsnake, has been a fantastic communications product. It is the most viewed film we’ve ever released, having been widely shared by our supporters and beyond.

It’s reached around 1.6 million people online and we continue to show it at a wide range of meetings and events."

Dave Beynon

Head of Digital
Compassion in World Farming

"Working with Catsnake (over several projects, which is a good sign in itself) is always equal parts thrilling and challenging.

You can rely on the team to tell an entirely different story to the one you thought you wanted whilst bringing your audience to the agreed destination on time, on budget, and en masse!"

Lisa Rose

Senior Manager Entrepreneurship For Development
Royal Academy of Engineering

"The sessions were tailored to the needs of the participants and allowed them to improve their ability to tell their story in a variety of situations, and in a more engaging and dynamic manner. The programme Catsnake designed was impressive in its adaptability, understanding the needs of the audience and giving them practical tools that they can take away and apply."

Nicky Hawkins

Director of Impact
FrameWorks Institute

"Catsnake brings a magic combination of smart thinking and breathtaking ideas. They are thoughtful, collaborative and fun to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone communicating for good."

Harvey Kirk

Senior Direct Marketing Manager, Legacies

"Catsnake create first-rate content, but it’s the professionalism and attention to detail throughout the campaign – their ability to actively monitor the performance throughout and optimise content mid-campaign, that really sets them apart.

The results speak for themselves, returning the most contactable Legacy leads we’ve ever seen for a digital campaign.  We’re already looking to work together on the next one."

Stine Wilhelmsen

Creative Partner

"Working with Catsnake was an inspiring, fun and thought-provoking experience. The expertise and enthusiasm that they brought to our session has been highly valuable for us as an organisation and we look forward to building on this in the future. We would highly recommend Catsnake's services and hope to work with them again in the near future."  

Vicki O’Hare

Head of Legacy Marketing

"The TV advert was a completely new venture for the RSPB’s Legacy Team.  Thanks to Catsnake’s faultless professionalism, passion and creativity it felt like they were an extension of our own team. Meticulous attention to detail and evaluation throughout the campaign lifecycle, resulted in ever increasing success.

Other departments were impressed and are now working with Catsnake on future projects!"

Jenny Kronbergs

Head of Gifts in Wills

"It was great working with Catsnake to develop a new proposition for our legacy marketing programme. Catsnake are skilled at using evidence from audience research to consider the needs of our supporters, and translating this into well thought-through creative messaging.

They were great to work with and we’re confident that we’re moving forward with a proposition rooted in audience insight."

Dave Titmas

Communications Manager
Single Homeless Project

"It is obvious from a glimpse at Catsnake’s films, that they know exactly how to tell stories which engage and move people. We jumped at the chance to work together, and expected creativity and technical know-how.

What we weren't prepared for was the level of care, passion and dedication the Catsnake team showed throughout the project. They are an inspiration!"

Ben Eden-Davies

Assistant Head of Individual Giving
St Mungo’s

"Catsnake have done an amazing job developing our new Legacy Creative proposition.

They were methodical, systematic and strategic but also highly creative and collaborative. We trusted their approach and expertise and allowed them to do what they do best. They understood the brief, the audience and ultimately created a proposition that is on brand but also stretches us."

Daniel Dodd

Director of Communications & Content
National Trust

"Catsnake’s storytelling training has been part of a content training programme at the National Trust for five years. Delegates love the expert theory and practical guidance, backed up by superb videos that make you laugh and cry.

Our ability to tell our wonderful stories is central to the success of our communications strategy, Catsnake has been helping us achieve that."

Karen Denton

Direct Marketing Manager
Legacies, RSPB

"We’ve been working with Catsnake since November 2019 and from pitch to execution, they have impressed with their organisation and professionalism.  

From careful planning and meticulous analysis of our organisation, Catsnake have exceeded our expectations with their creative problem solving.  The team have been a joy to work with and we look forward to working with them on future projects."

Madhu Parthasarathi

Digital Campaign Manager, Legacies

"Catsnake are industry leaders in creating engaging and thought-provoking TV ads, and working with the team on our new Legacy TV advert was an immensely enjoyable and collaborative experience.  

It’s always a pleasure to work with the talented Catsnake team who also happen to have a great sense of humour!"