Adaptive Acquisition

By creating powerful bespoke content, utilising non-linear digital targeting and applying adaptive campaign management, we deliver leads and learnings.

These digital campaigns minimise cost per acquisition, maximise low-cost conversions, and create applicable insights about how to motivate audience segments.

What does it do?

Adaptive Acquisition campaigns reveal audience interests, habits, and motivations to provide demographic data which helps to develop ideal messaging formulations. The charity receives all of these learnings, the leads being chased at a competitive CPA, and a library of proven content with relevant targeting for low-cost, high-return future campaigning.

The benefits


Non-linear targeting lets you reach and attract your desired audience, even if they haven’t seen or interacted with your content before.


Campaigns provide data on core demographics and tested targeting profiles, and insights into broader audience motivators, interests and habits.


Content performance dictates media spend allocation, so the adaptive campaign constantly evolves in response to live data and chases a minimal cost per lead.


Adaptive Acquisition campaigns consistently outperform industry benchmarks, and beat targets for both total leads and cost per lead.


Detailed reporting ensures insights gained can be easily applied across all future campaigns.


Proven content and effective targeting which have delivered undeniable results are delivered to the client for future use.

Previous campaigns have delivered leads at an average of 48% of original CPL target.


Adaptive Acquisition clients

The process


We create a large number of bespoke video, written and image led content.


All content is categorised using a tagging system to capture all elements.


We track the performance of every piece of content, each targeting set and each tag.


This data is used to actively refine content and targeting as the campaign progresses.


This continually lowers the cost per lead over the course of the campaign.


All insights are recorded and presented in a clear and accessible way.

What our clients say


Role and company

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Barry Hunt

Legacy & In Memory Lead

"The Adaptive Acquisition Campaign was the most innovative and strategic piece of legacy marketing Scope has carried out.  We were delighted with the outcomes, almost doubling our leads target at a cost per lead far lower than expected.  

Beyond the stats, the audience insights generated have really helped us understand our digital legacy audiences and what messaging works best."

John Hutchin

Head of Legacies
Greenpeace UK

"With increased investment in legacy marketing, and a priority to innovate in a digital space, Catsnake proposed a highly ambitious plan - and exceeded expectations!

Results speak for themselves, almost doubling our leads target and the lowest average cost per lead of any legacy campaign to date.  Greenpeace are now rolling out this ‘blueprint for success’ on a global scale."

Emma Simpson

Legacy Marketing Specialist
Amnesty International UK

"Working with Catsnake on our Adaptive Acquisition campaign was an impressive experience, as was their ability to understand our organisation, cause and brand specific challenges. Catsnake produced a very successful campaign, kicking off a totally new method of legacy acquisition through Facebook advertising.

We’re excited to see how we might work with Catsnake on similar campaigns in the future."

Sophie Fenwick

Legacy Engagement Specialist

"When we started this Adaptive Acquisition project, we were a new team and new to digital legacy acquisition. Catsnake supported us every step of the way and developed really emotive and compelling content that clearly resonated with our audience.

We were all surprised – and delighted – by the number of leads we got! I would happily work with Catsnake again."

Harvey Kirk

Senior Direct Marketing Manager, Legacies

"Catsnake create first-rate content, but it’s the professionalism and attention to detail throughout the campaign – their ability to actively monitor the performance throughout and optimise content mid-campaign, that really sets them apart.

The results speak for themselves, returning the most contactable Legacy leads we’ve ever seen for a digital campaign.  We’re already looking to work together on the next one."