Strategic Storytelling Accelerator

Royal Academy of Engineering
Award laurel


In 2022, we collaborated with the Royal Academy of Engineering on a three-month cohort-based Strategic Storytelling Accelerator. The aim of the course was to equip recipients of their Leaders in Innovation Fellowships and Africa Prize Innovators with the skills to effectively share their stories with various audiences, from investors and peers to NGOs and academics.

Owing to its success in helping these innovators connect, garner support, and secure funding through the power of their own narratives, we're delighted to be running the programme again for a new cohort in 2024.


The Academy were inspired to reach out after a big investor commented that “Nobody can tell me a story that compels me to give away my money.” We accepted this challenge and designed a programme which equipped innovators with the tools and confidence to tell their stories persuasively. No longer relying on a static and tired pitch, they were able to effectively communicate in an exciting and motivating manner with whoever stood in front of them by learning an audience-first approach. With a solid understanding of the principles of strategic storytelling, our first cohort left empowered to engage a variety of audiences about their innovations, aspirations and personal journeys.

The results

"I learned how to scale down and focus on what I think the audience could understand, and  change my storytelling on the fly for different people. Before, I had one boring script, now I have a few versions based on what my projects do.” - 2022 Innovator

“We are already starting to apply the ideas, tools and techniques in our communication with our potential clients and definitely see it being super useful as we develop and fine tune our pitches to the different audiences we will be speaking to.” - 2022 Innovator

Lisa Rose

Senior Manager Entrepreneurship For Development
Royal Academy of Engineering

“We worked with Catsnake to deliver storytelling training to international entrepreneurs who are looking to communicate with investors and partners from around the world. The sessions were tailored to the needs of the participants and allowed all the entrepreneurs to improve their ability to tell their story in a variety of situations, and in a more engaging and dynamic manner. The programme Catsnake designed was impressive in its adaptability and application, understanding the needs of the audience and giving them practical tools that they can take away and apply. Working with the Catsnake team is easy: communication is timely and they give us all the information we need.”