Philanthropy Acquisition Strategy - 2030 Circle

Strategy and Stewardship
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After enjoying a string of successful collaborations with various WWF departments, the Philanthropy team invited us to lend a hand in launching and expanding their new High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) giving programme. We crafted an eye-catching membership brochure and supporter journey designed to astonish and captivate members at every stage.


Our chosen creative strategy for the membership pack, dubbed 'The Bigger Picture', centred on embracing the collective journey donors would embark upon over the next decade. By tapping into the enthusiasm and optimism of their pledge, we showcased how their commitment could be translated into tangible actions through the Circle's diverse projects and initiatives.

To further illustrate this journey, we developed the 2030 Circle Roadmap, which not only steered members towards amplifying their impact but also showed them how they could contribute to halting the deterioration of the natural world by 2030. Alongside this, we were able to highlight the exclusive experiences and events that accompany Circle membership, making it all the more enticing.

The results

By 2023, its third year, the WWF 2030 Circle had exceeded both its total member and total revenue targets.

Katy Nicholson-Lord

Philanthropy Manager

“We recently partnered with Catsnake to further develop our philanthropy-led donor club. The project was multifaceted and included developing a new membership pack, updating our retention models and re-developing our acquisition strategy. Catsnake’s project management skills were second to none and their collaborative approach and attention to detail, particularly in the philanthropy space, was hugely valuable. We have been delighted with the results of the project and we know that Catsnake’s expertise has further secured the ambitious growth that our giving club is aspiring to.”