Legacy Proposition - ‘Answer the Call’

Strategy and Stewardship
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We collaborated closely with IFAW to develop an engaging legacy proposition that would offer a solid foundation for creating global materials, direct marketing campaigns, and digital promotions.

In March 2022, we presented the final proposition, along with a practical toolkit encompassing a detailed analysis and explanation of the core narrative, guidelines for implementation, sample campaign visuals, a copy platform, and suggested imagery. This cohesive narrative and the readily applicable resources aligned the department with the charity's rebranding efforts and contributed to driving crucial growth as part of IFAW's latest 5-year strategic plan.


Our 'Answer the Call' proposition was comprised of four main elements, which can be utilised individually or combined in various ways to inspire IFAW legacy communications and campaigns. Collectively, these components encapsulate the breadth, methodology, and ambition of this dynamic conservation charity. On their own, they emphasise distinct aspects of IFAW's key legacy message – from their cooperative approach to their well-established expertise – all while highlighting the organisation's unwavering dedication to helping all living things.

'Answer the Call' effectively conveys the most potent emotions that resonate with IFAW's legacy audience: concern for the planet's uncertain future, enthusiasm for the charity's potential to transform legacy gifts into impactful projects, and admiration for the natural world and our collective capacity to shape its destiny. It presents a gift in Will to IFAW as the opportunity to join a unique global network of nature guardians.

The results

Dan Carter

Global Legacy Director

"It has been great working with Catsnake to develop our new legacy proposition. They have a wealth of experience in developing legacy strategy and propositions and they used this to great effect during our project. They have an excellent team who took the time to work with us to truly understand our requirements and our organisation to ensure we have an exciting new proposition which will underpin and drive forward our legacy work long into the future."