Acquisition Pack - ‘Whatever the Weather'

Award laurel


After developing a bold new legacy proposition for IFAW, we were delighted to be entrusted with the task of creating a Legacy Acquisition Pack, scheduled for distribution in January 2023. This direct mail campaign skillfully transformed the core narrative of the new proposition into a compelling and persuasive invitation for cold audiences to become legacy enquirers or considerers. The pack featured an eye-catching outer envelope, a well-crafted letter, a response form, a BRE, and an additional uplift device.


The chosen creative, 'Whatever the Weather', utilised the effects of extreme weather on people, animals, and the planet as a relevant and engaging theme for cold audiences around the world. The content addressed the existing challenges posed by specific weather events and symptoms of our changing climate, whilst highlighting the IFAW projects that are making a difference in these areas. By doing so, it presented cold audiences with an undeniable case, showcasing IFAW's expertise as on-the-ground agents of change who, supported by gifts in Wills, can help shape a better future for individuals, wildlife, and the environment.

The results