Enquirer Pack - ‘What Will You Leave Behind?'

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After creating a striking new legacy proposition for IFAW, we were tasked with crafting a captivating Legacy Enquirer Pack, set to launch in October 2022. Through this direct mail campaign, we turned the core narrative of their new proposition into a persuasive case for warm audiences to consider becoming legacy pledgers. The pack featured an eye-catching outer envelope, a personalised letter, a response form, an informative leaflet, a BRE, and an engaging uplift device.


The central concept, 'What Will You Leave Behind?', was inspired by IFAW's firm belief in the interdependence of people, animals, and our planet. We focused on keystone species – those whose presence in their ecosystems is critical for the well-being of all other living organisms around them. By doing so, we highlighted the role of the legator as a keystone species as well; by leaving a legacy gift in their Will, they could initiate a positive ripple effect, ensuring that people, animals, and the environment flourish harmoniously for generations to come.

To pique the interest of our target audience, the uplift device included a visually stunning poster and intriguing information about the interconnectedness of our world, providing inspiration and encouragement for lasting change.

The results

Dan Carter

Global Legacy Director

"Developing our new Legacy Enquiry Direct Mail pack with Catsnake was a real pleasure. Their planning and attention to detail throughout has been excellent, the weekly project check-ins are so important and helped to always give us peace of mind knowing we were on track throughout. The creativity in the three concepts provided was great to see and they interpreted the brief so well that we could have used all three concepts for this appeal."