Direct Mail Campaign - ‘No One Left Behind'

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After developing St Mungo's individual giving proposition, we crafted a variety of adverts and direct mail materials based on their new core narrative. Our door drops, leaflets, and print ads effectively conveyed St Mungo's ambitious goal - to support anyone and everyone facing homelessness. As a result, the campaign outperformed similar campaigns from previous years in terms of both the total number and average size of donations.


'No One Left Behind' was a direct, creative expression of the charity's newly established individual giving proposition. By highlighting the denial of basic human rights, we aimed to evoke a sense of injustice and urgency, prompting immediate action and donations. True to the promise of leaving 'no one' behind, our approach also showcased St Mungo's dedication to assisting anyone experiencing homelessness, demonstrating their wide-ranging expertise and unwavering commitment.

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