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Friends of the Earth approached us with a mission: to increase public engagement about recycling. They believed that while people wanted to recycle, they didn’t care enough about it. They asked us to create and produce a film to encourage individual recycling, but also help motivate people to lobby the UK government on the topic.

The film has now had over 1.5 million views online, has won numerous industry awards, is used by the United Nations as a case study in powerful sustainability communications and taught in schools around the world.


We devised and created A Love Story... in Milk - a heartfelt short film that conveyed the importance of recycling through a love story.

The film followed two milk cartons that fell in love, only to be separated due to poor recycling. By appealing to people's emotions, we aimed to create a lasting impact.

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Glen Colegate

Creative Director
Friends of the Earth

"Having worked with Catsnake on a couple of Friends of the Earth films, I can honestly say that they deliver every time and in every way! 

Catsnake really ‘get’ what we’re about and have been able to produce exciting and intrusive films for us that viewers and supporters really love – I couldn’t ask for more."