Individual Giving Proposition - ‘No One Left Behind'

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After successfully crafting St Mungo's legacy proposition, we were delighted to take on the challenge of developing their new individual giving proposition. Our task was to create a solid and inspiring base that encourages single and ongoing donations from a wide range of supporters, while seamlessly blending with St Mungo's overall brand image and tone of voice.

To equip them with a user-friendly and effective resource, we provided a comprehensive toolkit which includes an in-depth analysis of the narrative, practical guidelines for implementation, sample campaign creatives, a copywriting platform, and advice on selecting images.


'No One Left Behind' - the finalised proposition - is a powerful and motivating call to action that embodies St Mungo's dedication to assisting those facing homelessness. This concept highlights what sets St Mungo's apart from other charities in the sector to reinforce their brand identity and uniqueness.

At the core of the proposition, we emphasise St Mungo's personal and holistic approach to tackling homelessness, focusing on the individual's needs and aspirations while offering all-encompassing support that addresses emotional, psychological, and physical wellbeing.

Accommodating the dual objectives of attracting both regular and one-time donations, the proposition adapts to two distinct emotional tones. On one hand, it can provoke a sense of anger and frustration at the injustice of homelessness, evoking empathy and encouraging immediate action. On the other hand, it can also spark a sense of hope and excitement by highlighting St Mungo's ambitious mission to put an end to homelessness for good, enticing donors to offer long-term support.

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