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Strategy and Stewardship
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We were delighted to be tasked with developing a three-year strategy for WWF-UK's Legacy department, building upon our prior work on their Legacy Proposition. Our focus was to address the recent decline in legacy leads and implement strategies to enhance acquisition and conversion to ensure a consistent income stream for the organisation in the coming years.

We adopted a highly collaborative approach, working hand-in-hand with WWF-UK's in-house team to devise coherent messaging, refine audience targeting and create a growth strategy that was both ambitious and achievable.


This multifaceted project involved several stages of development:

Firstly, we thoroughly analysed the existing research conducted by WWF-UK's Legacy department, identifying areas for improvement and clearly outlining primary and secondary target audiences.

Then, we delved into the crucial task of acquisition by designing a three-phase strategy. Our initial focus was on digital lead generation, aiming to rapidly generate new leads. These early campaigns provided valuable data that influenced subsequent extension activities and a headline campaign. Additionally, regional events presented further opportunities to secure new leads.

Lastly, we concentrated on enhancing stewardship and conversion. To do so, we crafted a community-centric approach to WWF legacy stewardship, steering away from the traditional linear pipeline stewardship model. Instead, we aimed to create a more holistic experience where legators felt a deep connection with one another and the natural world throughout their engagement with WWF-UK.

The results

Katie Dogra

Head of Supporter Engagement

“Working with Catsnake on our new legacy strategy was a breath of fresh air, the team are fantastic and took the time to get to know our requirements in order to put together an ambitious yet realistic approach to our strategy. Their support and knowledge was second to none and we felt that it was a collaborative process at each step of the way as we challenged each other and worked through each element together. The team felt supported at each touch point and we have come out with a more diverse and ambitious plan than we would have done on our own. As a result we are setting up WWF on a path that will grow and diversify our legacy fundraising and pledger stewardship. Thank you!”