Legacy Stewardship Strategy

Strategy and Stewardship
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Following our highly successful legacy acquisition campaign for the RSPB, we were invited to develop a fresh Stewardship Strategy aimed at enhancing the conversion of legacy enquirers into devoted legacy pledgers.

A crucial aspect for the RSPB was ensuring that enquirers, considerers, and pledgers felt valued at every interaction and that their trust in the organisation grew throughout the journey.

The final strategy encompassed messaging principles, communication schedules and timelines, event and content suggestions, and templates for essential communications. Furthermore, it was adaptable for both online and offline journeys.


At the core of our approach was the emphasis on personal relationships within the RSPB's Legacy Stewardship. This strategy allowed legators to have personal points of contact while automating and templating communications throughout the pipeline, freeing up staff to focus on relationship building.

Drawing from insights gathered during our previous campaigns for the RSPB, our Creative and Communications Strategy featured awe-inspiring and narrative-driven content. Inspired by data from our AA campaigns, our goal was to surprise and engage potential legators at every touchpoint, making sure all messages were appreciated and valuable to the recipient. We also devised events for the most committed legators.

Lastly, we developed a comprehensive Implementation Guide, enabling the RSPB to execute the strategy swiftly and efficiently, ensuring all staff members understood and could convey key messages effectively.

The results