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In 2019, WWF entrusted us with the task of developing a comprehensive legacy proposition that would seamlessly integrate with their overarching momentum-building strategy, while also allowing for distinct creative expressions across various audiences, products, and channels.

Our creative approach centred on a powerful message of 'duty', inspiring WWF's audience to consider leaving a gift in their Will to support the organisation's vital work. This value-driven framing was chosen for its potential to captivate and motivate prospects at every stage of the legacy journey.

By highlighting WWF's exceptional expertise and ability to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing our world, we crafted a compelling case for supporters to join forces, fund vital solutions, and through a legacy gift, contribute to a brighter future for the natural world.


At the heart of all legacy marketing and communication efforts, we crafted a compelling narrative that invites potential legators to become part of the global community answering nature's call. Through a legacy gift, supporters have the unique opportunity to make a lasting impact in protecting nature and the natural world. Our proposition emphasises the interdependence of the natural world, our reliance on it, and our inherent duty to care for it.

Furthermore, it asserts that leaving a legacy gift to WWF is one of the most significant ways we can join the movement to safeguard our planet for future generations. Ultimately, our message conveys that every species, habitat, and ecosystem should and can be protected by its current caretakers, ensuring a thriving natural world for generations to come.

The results

Anna Kapitanec

Senior Legacy Engagement Manager

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Catsnake on our new Gifts in Wills proposition. We have worked collaboratively and have been really impressed by their creative and strategic thinking. Their process is excellent and one that really got us thinking, bringing new ideas and innovations to our team. We would highly recommend them and will be working with them in the near future!"