Legacy Proposition (2020)

Strategy and Stewardship
Award laurel


We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to collaborate with RSPB and develop a fresh legacy proposition for them. Our goal was to clearly express how legacy gifts play a crucial role in supporting RSPB's mission and enhancing their overall impact.

This proposition was designed to inform all legacy marketing initiatives and spark future campaigns across various platforms such as TV, radio, Facebook, Instagram, website, events for prospecting and retention, and direct mail stewardship letters. We divided the proposition into four key elements and included a detailed Use Guide to help internal staff comprehend and utilise the core narrative and messaging principles effectively.


The final legacy proposition, showcased in a beautifully illustrated pack, emphasises the awe-inspiring wildlife that surrounds us and encourages future generations to unite in preserving nature's home for years to come. The proposition celebrates RSPB's impactful work, spanning over a century, in changing laws, rejuvenating habitats, safeguarding endangered species, and establishing the UK's largest network of nature reserves.

By highlighting the captivating and humbling beauty of local wildlife, we present a compelling argument for including a gift in one's Will to RSPB as a significant way to contribute to the ongoing flourishing of our natural world.

The results