‘Twelve Months'

Single Homeless Project
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Online video for SHP to help tell the stories of people experiencing homelessness. This was a pro bono project we did as part of a competition in association with ‘Pimp My Cause' to help a smaller charity who couldn’t afford a big budget video.


After reading through hundreds of stories of those experiencing homelessness, one common theme kept coming through: family. We incorporated this theme into the film, which follows a man singing the twelve days of Christmas, but the lyrics have been changed to reveal his struggles and experiences with homelessness, and how he is helped by SHP. The film ends with a touching family reunion made possible through SHP’s support.

The results

Dave Titmas

Communications Manager
Single Homeless Project

"We jumped at the chance to work with Catsnake because it is obvious from a glimpse at their films that they know exactly how to tell stories which engage and move people. 

We expected creativity and technical know-how. What we weren't prepared for was the level of care, passion and dedication the Catsnake team showed throughout the project. 

No wonder their films work! They are an inspiration."