Adaptive Acquisition Campaign

Adaptive Acquisition
Award laurel


'Best Content Marketing Campaign' at The Drum Awards for Social Purpose 2021


We partnered with WWF's Legacy Department to carry out an innovative digital campaign between May and June 2021. Our approach combined non-linear digital targeting and adaptive campaign management to minimise the cost per lead, maximise cost-effective conversions, and generate valuable insights on motivating their audience segments.


We crafted 60 unique pieces of content and designed 14 targeting sets. Throughout this process, we explored the five components of the WWF Legacy Proposition, 22 types of narratives related to WWF's work and the natural world, as well as a wide array of emotional framings and formats.

During the campaign, we discovered specific threats that significantly motivated legacy actions among the target demographic – the Baby Boomers. We also identified the WWF projects that particularly resonated with this group, along with the emotional framings and journeys that consistently encouraged action. Additionally, we successfully debunked several key misconceptions about Baby Boomers' attitudes towards environmental action and conservation.

The results

Target Leads

Sophie Fenwick

Legacy Engagement Specialist

“When we started this project with Catsnake, we were a new team. New to WWF and new to digital legacy acquisition. Catsnake had endless patience with us as we tried to navigate through the unknown and they were on hand to support every step of the way. Catsnake consistently fought for the integrity of the content, and they developed really emotive and compelling stories that clearly resonated with our audience. I think we were all surprised – and delighted – by the number of leads we got! I would happily work with Catsnake again.”