Adaptive Acquisition and Always-On Campaign

Adaptive Acquisition
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In October-December 2021, Scope's Legacy department entrusted us with executing an innovative digital campaign for them. Employing non-linear digital targeting and adaptive campaign management, our primary objectives were to minimise the ‘cost per lead’, maximise low-cost conversions, and uncover valuable insights on motivating Scope's target audience segments.

The success of this initial campaign led to an ongoing always-on legacy acquisition partnership with Scope throughout 2022, with the ‘cost per lead’ remaining consistently low, thanks to the insights and content developed from the prior campaign.


We crafted 46 distinct pieces of content alongside 10 targeting sets, all centred around Catsnake's Legacy Motivators. Each content set delved deep into 22 narratives of Scope's work in supporting individuals with disabilities, while also experimenting with a diverse mix of emotional framings and formats.

During the campaign, we found that relatable subjects, tangible impact, and compelling personal narratives played a crucial role in achieving low-cost legacy conversions for Scope. Additionally, we discovered the potency of anger as an underlying emotion and the effectiveness of injustice framing to urge Baby Boomers to support Scope's Social Model of Disability, whilst addressing their concerns related to the rising cost of living. This analysis allowed us to build a range of blueprints for future Scope legacy messaging.

The results

Total leads to date (both campaigns)
CPL (AA Campaign)
CPL (Always on)

Barry Hunt

Legacy & In Memory Lead

"The Adaptive Acquisition Campaign was the most innovative and strategic piece of legacy marketing Scope has carried out to date. Delivering such an intense campaign for the first time was always going to be a challenge but Catsnake helped and supported us all the way. Their knowledge and expertise inspired confidence in the team and we felt like we were in safe hands. We were delighted with the outcomes as we almost doubled our target for the number of new legacy leads at a cost per lead far lower than expected. Beyond the stats, the true value from this campaign is the audience insight it generated. It has really helped us to understand our digital audiences for legacies and what messaging works best. So much so that we have taken the model and immediately applied it to our current Facebook paid ad campaign which continues to perform well."