Adaptive Acquisition Campaign

Amnesty International UK
Adaptive Acquisition
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Towards the end of 2022 we were lucky enough to join forces with Amnesty International UK on their first Adaptive Acquisition campaign.

This digital methodology uses targeted Facebook adverts and a wide array of content to deliver low-cost leads and gather data on audience habits, preferences and motivations. The purpose was to generate legacy leads from a cold audience (something Amnesty International UK had not done before) and better understand what drives potential legators for future campaigns.


We created a large volume of long-form written pieces of content and five videos as part of the highly targeted digital campaign. With the call to action of downloading their legacy guide, the campaign generated a large number of leads and mailing list sign-ups. Catsnake’s ‘Legacy Motivators’ were the foundation for the campaign content, but each piece varied in terms of the format, the topics covered and the emotions evoked in the audience, allowing us to learn as much as possible about their potential target demographic and what motivates them in terms of legacy giving. The insights gained from the campaign have not only informed their future legacy campaigns, but their wider digital team has also been able to utilise the audience learnings and targeting sets for other, non-legacy campaigns.

The results

Emma Simpson

Legacy Marketing Specialist
Amnesty International UK

"Working with Catsnake on our Adaptive Acquisition campaign was a very smooth and impressive experience. We were particularly impressed with their ability to seamlessly continue our project despite some unavoidable staffing challenges. We were also very impressed with their ability to understand our organisation, cause and brand specific challenges. Catsnake produced a very successful campaign that has kicked off a totally new method of acquiring legacy leads through Facebook advertising. We are excited to see how we might continue to work with Catsnake on similar campaigns in the future."