‘The Secrets of Food Marketing'

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A film to encourage debate around the ethics of eating meat, without alienating farmers or meat eaters.

The goal was to engage both groups, fostering inclusive dialogue and addressing the complex ethical considerations associated with meat consumption.

The film has over 30 million views, has sparked countless new sign-ups to CiWF, gained press coverage, and was widely shared on social media, including endorsements from Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul and other prominent figures.


Our film, a viral sensation and award winner, captivated audiences worldwide. In it, a ‘marketing expert’ proudly reveals real-life industry tactics for persuading people to consume unethical meat. We orchestrated a real event with multiple talks, seamlessly integrating our ‘fake’ presentation. This allowed us to capture genuine reactions from an unsuspecting audience. Meticulous script revisions and rehearsals ensured it resembled a genuine Ted Talk.

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Sophie Baden

Direct Marketing Co-ordinator
Compassion in World Farming

"With much enthusiasm, creativity and relentless hard work, Catsnake gave us ‘The Secrets of Food Marketing’, a film that has attracted an amazing 7.1 million views – and counting! Catsnake are an agency who definitely promise a lot and still blow your expectations to smithereens (in a good way)."