‘Time To Decide’

Compassion in World Farming
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Our goal was to create a captivating film for CiWF that would not only resonate with their existing supporters but also engage the broader public. Our aim was to convey the importance of a cage-free Europe for the welfare of farm animals and encourage viewers to support CiWF's cause. To date, the film has had over 1.4 million views online.


With the End the Cage Age campaign being a global movement, it was crucial to create a film that could transcend language barriers and resonate with audiences across EU Nations. We created a single version of the film, titled Time to Decide, featuring four powerful dialogue-free scenes accompanied by an original score. By relying on evocative imagery rather than language, we ensured that the film would have universal persuasiveness, making it more likely to be shared and viewed by a wider audience.

The results

Compassion in World Farming