‘Paws the VAT’

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In February 2023, we worked with Dogs Trust on an agile sprint project to launch their new campaigning database push. We developed a campaign creative for their headline online petition, defined content strategy and produced all video and graphic assets in just two weeks. Our creative was designed to secure signatures on the Dogs Trust petition for a temporary removal of VAT on pet food and veterinary services, to further establish them as the go-to charity for dog welfare, and kick-off their new campaigning database capture. With a YoY 51% increase in the cost of dog food, against an ongoing cost of living crisis, Dogs Trust needed deliverables that would highlight the effects of this relentless strain on dog owners and act as a rallying cry.


Paws the VAT emotionally resonated with the target audience by evoking the joy dogs bring, before questioning why their food and vet care attract 20% VAT, whilst many luxury items for humans do not. Some assets used a dog’s confusion at this distinction to land humour and encourage a feeling of injustice. This campaign also emphasises the endless 'Value Added To our lives' by dogs. This strengthens the emotional argument to temporarily remove VAT on pet essentials, as for many families that 20% is the difference between being able to keep their beloved dogs or finding them unaffordable. We created moral outrage towards the situation many dog owners face, identified a straightforward solution, and channelled dog joy to motivate action, drive Paws the VAT petition signatures and help keep dogs and their families together.

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