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Our partnership with UNICEF started in 2017 when we were tasked with crafting an influential and engaging TV advert that would boost legacy consideration and generate leads through a multichannel approach. We produced over 100 variations of the commercial, each tailored for diverse digital channels and target demographics.

Throughout 2018-19, we continued to refine the advert while also developing UNICEF's Legacy Proposition. This collaboration laid the foundation for their significant legacy campaign in 2020, which we were delighted to be involved in once again.


Our creative concept aimed to connect with the British Baby Boomer generation by tapping into their personal nostalgia. The final advert emphasises the gratitude and responsibility felt by this generation for the opportunities they had and the lives they were able to build. By mirroring UNICEF's hopes and desires for all children worldwide to have access to similar opportunities and happiness, the advert encourages the consideration of a Gift in Will to enable long-term, lasting improvements alongside UNICEF's essential daily work.

In the end, we were able to showcase both the global accomplishments that form the foundation of UNICEF's outstanding reputation and highlight the vital importance of legacy supporters in sustaining the ongoing care of children far into the future.

The results

lower CPA vs. forecast
higher monthly leads vs. target
increase in requests for Wills guide

Nathalie Ormrod

Digital Campaign Manager - Gifts in Wills

"We have loved working with Catsnake this year on our new Gifts in Wills TV advert. Their attention to detail and level of research done before responding to the brief was impressive and creatively, they brought something new to the table! Ed, Stephen and the team are enthusiastic and innovative, whilst remaining true to the brand in their delivery. The whole process has felt like a seamless collaboration and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again."